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The risks

All designated Category 1 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, are required to carry out risk assessments for their area.

By working together we have made good progress in assessing the levels of risk for a range of potential hazards and threats in Derbyshire.

Community risk registers have been compiled to show the results of these detailed assessments. This enables us to better: 

  • understand our risks and vulnerabilities
  • decide our priorities 
  • identify the further actions required.

Our joint aim within Derbyshire is to improve our capability to respond to any disruptive challenges, minimise the effects on our communities and to keep residents well informed while we also continue to deliver our own critical services at the required level.



Flooding of property, roads and important infrastructure can occur from a variety of causes. Main rivers such as the Derwent, Dove, Rother and Trent may cause flooding to properties within their flood plain even where there are flood defences in place.


Pandemic influenza

An effective response to a pandemic will require the co-operation of a wide range of organisations and the active support of the public.

Generic risk

Severe weather

Extremes of weather can come in various forms from severe prolonged freezing, heavy and deep snow, summer heatwaves or gales and storms.

We have plans in place to respond to severe weather. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything will run perfectly – but as far as possible we want to keep things running as normally as possible.


Industrial accidents

Industrial activities involving hazardous substances, whether in storage, process or transport, have the potential to cause serious major accidents.  Such incidents may lead to fatalities, injuries and environmental pollution which could extend considerable distance from the scene of the accident.

Last updated: 3 Jul 2024, 1:33 p.m.