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Pandemic influenza

An effective response to a pandemic will require the co-operation of a wide range of organisations and the active support of the public. 

As there may be very little time to develop or finalise preparations, effective pre-planning is essential. Many important features of a pandemic will not become apparent until after it has started (ie when person-to-person transmission has become sustained), so plans must be:

  • constructed to deal with a wide range of possibilities
  • based on an integrated, multi-sector approach
  • built on effective service and business continuity arrangements
  • responsive to local challenges (eg rural issues) and needs
  • supported by strong local, regional and national leadership, and
  • in line with national planning guidelines.

Our multi-agency Strategic Plan for Pandemic Influenza is designed to co-ordinate with the non-health aspects of a pandemic influenza outbreak. The plan is a living document, and will be updated and revised as new guidance is released by Government.

Last updated: 16 Aug 2018, 10:17 a.m.