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How to prepare for a flood

If you live along a riverbank there is always the possibility that bad weather will threaten your property with flooding. Even if you live away from a waterway, the last few years have shown that severe storms can overwhelm the drainage system, saturate the ground and put many more homes, businesses and people at risk from flooding.

The Environment Agency and other partners plan how to best protect the people of Derbyshire from flooding and also respond in an emergency.

Flood alert

Flood alert

Flooding is possible.  Be prepared.

Flood warning

Flood warning

Flooding is expected.  Immediate action required!

Severe flood warning

Severe flood warning

Severe flooding - danger to life!

Warnings no longer in force are issued when an alert, warning or severe flood warning is no longer in force and the risk of flooding has passed.

Sign up for flood warnings direct.  This is a free service that provides flood warnings direct to you by telephone, mobile, email or text.

Prepare your home or business for flooding

Flood advice guides are available on what to do before, during and after a flood. There is also guidance for people who live alongside a river.

Public Health England in partnership with the Environment Agency have produced Flooding – advice for the public which helps you to plan for flooding before it happens, what you can do during a flood and how you can recover and clean up after a flood.

Our Flooding: who to contact leaflet gives advice on the best people to speak to depending on the type of flooding you are experiencing.

Driving through floodwater

We have prepared a leaflet which gives the facts about driving through floodwater.

Don't drive through floodwater - Don't drown, turn around!

Last updated: 10 May 2021, 2:07 p.m.