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Derby city centre - planning for your safety

If an emergency affects Derby city centre such as a fire, an accident, a chemical spillage or a terrorist threat it may be necessary to evacuate all, or part of the city centre.  Being better informed and prepared can significantly reduce the risks of being affected by an emergency and will help you know what to do should an emergency occur.

Derby City Centre Leaflet.png

The city centre has been divided into emergency zones which would be used in a serious incident to provide advice to people in that area.  You could be advised to shelter indoors and in other cases, you could be advised to evacuate your building and the city centre.  If you live or work in the city centre, we advise that you print a copy of the Derby city centre leaflet and keep it to hand.

Make sure you know what zone your home, office, place of work or car parking space is in.

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Last updated: 23 Dec 2019, 1:31 p.m.