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Stay safe

Attacks in Manchester and London have once again highlighted the need for everyone to remain vigilant and to report suspicious behaviour. It is important we are all alert but not alarmed. The current threat level to the UK from terrorism is substantial– an attack is likely.

If you are the manager of a building with many employees, the following guidance, poster and a short film Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack has been released by the government and explains what action to take if you are caught up in a firearms attack.

As a responsible employer you will want to ensure all your staff have the information needed to help them stay safe.

It’s important all employees:

  • are alert but not alarmed
  • are vigilant and report suspicious behaviour
  • plan ahead what to do to stay safe

Stay safe


  • if there is a safe route, run, if not hide
  • insist others go with you
  • don’t let them slow you down
  • leave your belongings behind


  • if you can’t run, hide
  • find cover from gunfire
  • be aware of your exits
  • try not to get trapped
  • lock yourself in a room if you can
  • move away from the door
  • be very quiet, turn off your phone
  • barricade yourself in


  • Call 999 – what do the police need to know?
  • dial 999 when you are safe.
  • give your location.
  • give the direction the attacker is moving in.
  • describe the attacker, especially things that cannot be changed such as tattoos, facial hair, ethnicity etc.
  • give any further information.
  • can you safely stop others from entering the area?

Last updated: 3 Jul 2024, 12:39 p.m.