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Community risk register

A Derbyshire wide community risk register (CRR) has been compiled along with supplementary registers for the nine districts within the county, these are the areas served by the city, district or borough councils.

This approach has allowed us to take account of local variations in the level of risk from certain hazards, for example, the likelihood and impacts associated with river flooding are higher in South Derbyshire than Bolsover.

The results from each CRR are also plotted against a risk rating matrix which shows the results in a different format.

Where there are variations, the Derbyshire wide CRR and risk rating matrix reflect the highest level of risk from the district registers.

As stated in the risk profile statement, the government have carried out assessments of the risk from four categories of possible terrorist threats which are included on our register. These threats are not risk assessed locally but we do take account of the national risk register in our emergency planning.

More information on terrorist related threats can be viewed on the National Risk Register.

The current Derbyshire risk assessments have been a process of ongoing development which takes account of both national guidance and advice combined with local knowledge and expertise of the county.

Risk assessments in Derbyshire will never be a static process, it will be subject to reviews in light of changing hazards and threats and our improving capability to respond to any form of disruptive challenge.

Please use the links below to view the registers which include the risk rating matrices.

Last updated: 24 Aug 2023, 2:10 p.m.