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Pandemic influenza

Last updated 20th September, 2017

Pandemic influenza is considered to be one of our highest risks.

An effective response to a pandemic will require the co-operation of a wide range of organisations and the active support of the public.

As there may be very little time to develop or finalise preparations, effective pre-planning is essential. Many important features of a pandemic will not become apparent until after it has started (ie when person-to-person transmission has become sustained), so plans must be:

  • constructed to deal with a wide range of possibilities
  • based on an integrated, multi-sector approach
  • built on effective service and business continuity arrangements
  • responsive to local challenges (eg rural issues) and needs
  • supported by strong local, regional and national leadership, and
  • in line with national planning guidelines.

Our multi-agency Strategic Plan for Pandemic Influenza is designed to co-ordinate with the non-health aspects of a pandemic influenza outbreak. The plan is a living document, and will be updated and revised as new guidance is released by Government.

The Mass Fatalities and Excess Deaths Emergency Plan addresses all the elements of dealing with high levels of fatality, whatever the cause. The published extract is the section which addresses the potential impact of large numbers of excess deaths resulting from pandemic influenza.

The Derbyshire Warning and Informing Plan will enable residents to be kept fully informed and advised on what steps are necessary during the outbreak. A specific section relates to pandemic influenza.

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Should you have any questions about pandemic influenza:

Contact the Emergency Planning Division
Tel: 01629 538364

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